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Desidiya Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, wireless Special Feature Wireless, Bluetooth Recommended Uses For Product music Compatible Devices Tablet, Smartphone

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  • Superior Sound: Enjoy immersive audio with the built-in Bluetooth speaker, delivering rich and clear sound quality for your music and audio needs.
  •  Vibrant Ambiance: Set the perfect mood with customizable RGB lighting, offering a wide range of colors and lighting effects to match your style and create a captivating atmosphere.
  •  Wireless Convenience: Enjoy hassle-free charging with the integrated wireless fast charger, eliminating the need for cables and keeping your devices powered up effortlessly.
  •  Gentle Wake-Up: Wake up gradually with the sunrise alarm clock, simulating a natural sunrise to gently rouse you from sleep, promoting a more refreshed start to your day.
  •  Easy Control: Take full control of the lamp's functions and settings through the user-friendly mobile app, providing convenient access and customization options at your fingertips.
  •  Stylish and Functional: Designed for both aesthetics and functionality, the DesiDiya G Speaker Lamp seamlessly combines modern design elements with versatile features to enhance your bedroom or bedside table.
  • Availability: wireless charging supports depends on selective models